People from ALL over the Tri-State Area & beyond flock to Green Pond!

People are always asking us where our buyers ‘come from’….many assuming that our buyers are all either Green Ponders or related to an OGP (Old Time Green Ponder). I do think this is an interesting question that we are asked quite often so as we head into Spring Market 2016, I decided to go back a few years & compile a list of all of our buyers since 2013 and list the city and state where they originated.  As I suspected, most of our buyers are not from GP, nor are they related to an OGP, in fact many have no connection to Green Pond at all!  Many found us by scouring the internet trying to find ‘the perfect lake community’! In the age of cyberspace,  the internet is a very compelling and powerful tool in marketing not only homes, but communities!  For us, it is where we have concentrated most of our marketing dollars and it certainly has proven to be the most powerful tool in bringing our buyers to Green Pond!

That being said, I thought I would share with you the list I compiled of our buyer base and their geographic roots!