E and her friends ‘Summer at The Pond’ video

I was a bit reluctant to share this video as the kids, my daughter & her friends, in this video have made something incredibly special and perhaps quite frankly to some degree….sacred. Then, I got to thinking about the video, not just how darn COOL it is but also how it is a time capsule….a moment in time that could really be any summer moment from any point in time in Green Pond and I couldn’t help myself….I needed to share!

While I was watching the video for the first time I reflected on the fact that I grew up spending MY summers doing the exact same things in Green Pond as my kids are doing….but remarkably, the kids I grew up with sharing these same moments decades ago, are the PARENTS of  the kids in THIS video, all of whom I am still close friends with today! Think about that for a minute….a second, probably third or fourth, generation of kids doing exactly the same things summer after summer in Green Pond and we as parents get to experience everything again through the next generation! Only difference is we didn’t have a GoPro3 to document the fun…we only had the occasional Kodak Instant Camera…..and of course our memories!

This summer, the GoPro  has been an amazing tool for my daughter and her friends to capture the essence of summer in Green Pond! The best part is they will likely play this for themselves in the dead of winter, when there is 3′ of snow on the ground and/or while they are living six states apart waiting for summer to arrive again. You see when you grow up spending your summers in Green Pond, you feel as if your whole world is Green Pond, not just your time spent on the lake but the friends you make are your life, your memories,  your people, your tribe! The experiences & memories we all have of summers at the Pond, well you reflect and cherish those forever!

There is not much more that I can say, obviously the video speaks for itself. My daughter and her friends embracing the lake & making memories at Green Pond! ENJOY!