The ‘Scandals’ a mid-summers night Green Pond production….

The  ‘Scandals’…. Green Pond’s rendition of a community talent show.

Like almost everything in Green Pond The ‘Scandals’ is routed in tradition that dates back almost 100 years (are you shocked?)….Of course you aren’t!

A brief history of  The ‘Scandals’.  During the 1920’s & 1930’s Green Pond was a summer only community and the major forms of entertainment  centered around evening sing alongs and The Annual Green Pond Spelling Bee. Saturday night dances  were formal affairs with large popular Big Bands. Sometime during the 1940’s the  Green Pond Community Club & Green Pond Yacht Club together started to host an end of summer talent show which they named The ‘Scandals’.

During this timeframe, many of the summer residents spent a good portion of their summer preparing for The ‘Scandals’ as the format was half minstrel show and half skits with specialty acts sprinkled into the mix. This turned out to be a hugely successful end of summer Green Pond event that went summer after summer until sometime in the 1970’s at which time The ‘Scandals’ seemed fade away. Similar to the talent shows that took place at the family ‘camps’ in the Adirondacks & Pocono’s during the 1950’s & 1960’s (think Dirty Dancing the movie) I present you with a brief photo history of The ‘Scandals’….then and now….ENJOY!

Fast forward to 2007 when two incredibly talented Green Pond residents, Bob & Nan, decided to revive The ‘Scandals’. Bob and Nan’s roots and passion are in theater, music and videography and luckily they have a plethora of incredibly talented friends that happily come to Green Pond to help with the complete design, production and directing of The ‘Scandals’ every other summer! Not only do adults get involved in The ‘Scandals’ but children as well, in fact almost EVERYONE in the community participates in The ‘Scandals’ making it a true Green Pond Community Event! Most Green Ponders will concur, no one  would ever believe this is a local community production, as the passion,  love & effort that go into The ‘Scandals’ every year is monumental and much appreciated by all Green Ponders! Here are a few pictures from this years ‘Scandals’.