Embrace the Lake…any given Tuesday in July at ‘The Pond’: Part 1

One of the things I love about the summer in Green Pond is the level of spontaneity that can occur at any point in the day and have a tremendous impact on your day, perhaps your summer!

Today was one of those days. It just so happened we woke up to a top 10 day so we thought ‘Time to EMBRACE THE LAKE’ …..& make some memories!

With that said, I thought I’d share with you what my kids and I and a friend and her two kids did today….

We started the day by heading out to the rocks and jumping off of EKD. If you aren’t familiar,  jumping off of EKD is a very serious Green Pond right of passage…. Some start as early as 4 years old and some as old as 60+….no matter the age, jumping off of EKD is one of the true Green Pond favorite summer past times that leaves one completely invigorated and smiling for hours, days and weeks!