SubDebs & RinkyDinks a longtime ‘friendly’ Green Pond rival…..

The SubDebs and RinkyDinks have been a Summer tradition here at Green Pond for close to 100 years! If you are in Green Pond during the summer and are a girl or boy  between the ages of 9 & 14, chances are you are either a SubDeb (girls) or a RinkyDink (boys)! Both groups are overseen by volunteer parents in the community but are run by the kids….Officers are the outgoing 14 year olds who rotate every year.

From roughly July 1st through mid-August the SubDebs and RinkyDinks have weekly meetings (separate) and 1-3 very fun events each week…. (either separate or  joint) events  like this very fun night: The SubDeb RinkyDink Kickball Game!

As you can see, while respectful of each other…..this game can get serious and still remain fun!