The Long Awaited Reunion at Green Pond!

Ahhh….there is nothing better than seeing an old friend for the first time in months or even years….

E has been waiting with baited breath for the arrival of her ‘summer tribe of girls’! Last night one of the tribe arrived for summer and almost as fast as C walked through the door to her cottage, she jumped in her dingy to come find E. I felt compelled to capture the moment on film as I love to watch the excitement and relief on the girls faces when they finally see each other for the first time each summer! Wondering if you could you hear the screams of joy from where you are?

As the other families start to pile into Green Pond for the summer, these two will soon be three, then four and more….. The tribe will spend the summer traveling in a pack from house to house, dock to dock, boat to boat, sleepover to sleepover….barefoot and carefree for the magic of what we call summer!

OH to be 14 again and a kid at Green Pond!